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Friday, June 29, 2018

How to Turn Buying Objections into Selling Opportunities

Friday, June 29, 2018
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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Many sales people react emotionally, defensively or negatively when they hear objections. Their reactions turn the prospect off and ruin the chance to get a sale and build relationships. Now you can learn to break that self-destructive reaction cycle. Put yourself on the road to turning objections into stepping-stones to sales success.

This one-day seminar from Dale Carnegie Training will show you how to overcome objections effectively. You will begin by learning how to use a proven questioning technique to determine if the objection you are hearing is the real one. This is a critical step since prospects will often mask their real issues with "brush off" objections.
Next you will learn to cushion the objection, clarify it and search for additional hidden objections. Once you have the real objections on the table, you will learn to use the methods to overcome the problem and match these methods to the category of objection to insure that you move successfully toward the sale. Register today for How to Turn Buying Objections into Sales Opportunities.






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1805 East Dyer Road, Suite 109
Santa Ana, California 92705
United States

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Participants learn how to:
  • Distinguish between real objections and "brushoff" objections
  • Use clarifying questions to understand them completely
  • Listen effectively to uncover additional, hidden objectives
  • Use Dale Carnegie’s proven human relations tool to handle emotional objections
  • Script responses to the 4 categories to objections
  • Use 10 proven strategies to get past gatekeeper objections
  • Overcome price objections with "reverse and explain"
  • Employ 7 forms of evidence when skepticism is the problem
  • Compete with a prospect’s current supplier using the "educate" method
  • Ask evaluative questions
  • Choose the trial close that’s right for the situation

1805 East Dyer Road, Suite 109
Santa Ana, CA 92705, US
P. 949-833-3253

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